We Supply prime/make to order paper product which is manufactured using quality material by our reliable vendors all across the world mainly Europe , USA , China, Japan, Korea, etc Manufactured for use in printing presses thar employ a long web of paper (cold -set , Heat-set , Web offset, Rotogravure ) & its ability to accept multi color printing that meet the need of Print industry. 

  • Art Paper C2S Gloss / Matt
  • Uncoated woodfree Paper (Maplitho)
  • Uncoated SBS (Plate / Cup Stock)
  • C1S Gloss /Matt (label / Chromo)
  • Wet Strength Chromo
  • Light Weight Coated (LWC)
  • Book Paper / Hibrite Newsprint
  • Glazed Newsprint (SCA)



  • Coated One Side ( C1S )
  • Solid Bleached Sulphate ( SBS )
  • Uncoated SBS
  • White Top Liner Board
  • Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Brown Kraft
  • Kraft Liner Board